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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today could be the most suckiest day of your life or it could be worse.
Searching the whole day yesterday for a job wasn't easy believe me, i went to being "the enthusiast girl looking for a job" to "fuck why am i doing this again?"

It wasnt easy, when can people stop being such a racist and just be open to any employees. It's like one after another the same person goes " we only want chinese". Okay first of all, my face comes as close as looking like a chinese. I mean cant they just put it out in the sign that says what they want or if they could stop being so picky and just take me in.
After a long afternoon of searching a job in Times Square, i finally moved to Sungei Wang and for one last try i went in radioactive and walahhh, they took me in and i was supposed to start today.

Here comes the best part, excited for work today i actually was one hour early. Having a cigarette while waiting was no biggie for me, it was only an hour. YUH, i quit my job on the first day of work! i didnt actually quit, i just ran off work on lunch break.


number one;
the minute i entered work, i already felt as if i wasnt welcomed.

number two;
no one gave two fucks to tell me what to do, and when there was customers i was lost as hell. When i did a fucking mistake thats when they took the initiative to scold me and tell me what to do. First of all, any employees in any type of outlets or whatever should get a briefing on what they should do, but nooo what do i get??? a group of them talking in chinese when they knew i couldnt speak that languange. It made me feel so left out in a way.

number three;
the work is just too much for me to handle. From the stocks to the customers nagging that they want a bigger size. BOOHOO. With the lack of good mood, i told the customers there was no size left. I know its a cruel thing to do but hey...when lici is not in a good mood..thats what you get.

three good reasons why i left.

some people have it, and other people dont.