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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I was browsing through some bloggers and i thought it'd be fun if we play TAG.
Well it just means whoever comes to my blog and reads this YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN TAGGED, soo here's what you have to do.

4 things that scare me:
My house, it's creepy okehh!

4 people who make me laugh:
ALEXIS, she does lame jokes!

4 things i love:
Shopping, when i have the money.
Junk food, mmmm.

4 things i hate:
Malaysia, generally.
My boobs.

4 things i don't understand:
Why God took away my Dad.
Why this country is spending 30 million on loser malaysia astronauts when they can be feeding people with that noney.
Why Ugly Betty is the no.1 TV show.
Why the padang's nasi lemak is soo the sedap!

4 things on my desk:
I dont have a desk, sadly.

4 things i'm doing right now:
Placebo moments.
Surfing the net.
Downloading music.

4 things i want to do before i die:
Lots of things really,
Go to all my favorite shows around the world.
Travel everywhere.
Get married.
Live happily with my husband, kids and family.

4 simple things to describe my personality:
I'm a sloth.
I'm a bum
I'm lovable.
I'm just average.

4 things i can't do:
pee standing up.


some people have it, and other people dont.


One of the best from ladytron.

they only want you when you're seventeen,
when you're twenty-one, you're no fun,
they take a polaroid and let you go,
say they let you know, so come on.

Now that, my friend. Explains the 21st century. KTHNXBYE.

some people have it, and other people dont.


I'm not a Buddist but yesterday we spent our night celebrating the mooncake festival with Ju Leong and Sophia at my place. It was a night filled with candles and lights i tell ya.

Here's some pix from last night.

this is how our front porch looked like after it was filled with them lanterns and candles. beautiful, i know.

four colorful lanterns filled up the front gate with candles on top of it.

oh and the scary girl at the background is me! im trying to lick fire hoping it doesnt burn my tongue.

the pink lantern is a real cutie.

this one was taken by Alexis. Good angle.


I pretty much amused myself last night by the fact that Alexis burned a couple of lanterns while trying to light them up. Hilarious much? And no im not joking. I have proof.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there you go.

It was funny though because before we lit the lanterns we had ordered in some pizza and we also bought soft drinks. Alexis was taking a picture of us during dinner and everyone held their glasses high, so i told them to PRETEND YOU'RE DRUNK.

It looks like i was the only one wasted!

Cheers to mooncakes and sex!

some people have it, and other people dont.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My temporary gym membership at fitness first has officially expired! dammit and i was just about to lose some fucking weight. Yes, this past week has been me and melody heading to the gym to go and get our dream body. Although i missed like 3 days in that whole week! but i really felt like i lost weight. 1 or 2 kg's prolly.

Girls night out has officially started on Brad's bday haha. weird. Because of course there were guys there. But we had a fun night. I dont have pix taken on that day but you can head down to melody's blog to check the pix out.

Was watching The Used DVD that the boyfriend bought in HMV at singapore. Was a really awesome DVD. The whole thing was live at Vancouver. Crowd was fucking wild. I wish they would come down and play a live show! but not now!! Please come like next year or something cause im flat broke now and i really wanna see you live! Playing the classic Box of Sharp Objects.
I still remember when bubu sent me Blue & Yellow through my email. We had just started dating then and i was in tears listening to it. Would be a really memorable show for the both of us. I remember bubu writing to me the few lines from Box of.. I fell in love with him head over heels. <3<3 I cant imagine screaming to their songs if they ever come.

It's our time to shine through the down
Glorified by what is ours
We've fallen in love
We've fallen in love
It was the best idea I ever had

On another note. My lappie has begun to hate me. My mozilla isnt working and so is my explorer. FUCK! I'll prolly have to go and check at the shop or something but here's the thing, i left my fucking warranty card at singapore. IM SCREWED. This takes money! And thats something i dont have for now!! SOMEONE DONATE! its for a good cause.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
stolen from aeona.

My stupid lappie refuses to work! and so here i am using bubu's one.

I stole this from Aeona. Was really interesting to see how un malaysian one could get. Im only like half malaysian. Still not proud of myself, i know i can be fully non malaysian.

Congratulations Alicia Danker, you are 65% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Guy Sebastian has fugly hair. The only memory he has of Malaysia is Nasi Lemak. Idiot. To all parents to be, i highly recommend you not to name your kid GUY. I find it to be a horrible name for a human being. I mean, name your pet puppy Guy not your kid! We've all watched Lady and the Tramp. Guy Sebastian is probably the tramp who doesnt get the ladies. Especially with that Hair. Did he drop his Hair dryer in the bathtub or something cause the hair is a MISTAKE.

And there's this weird noise outside my house that sounds like a T-Rex or some dinosaur. Really freaked me out till i looked out of my window and it was the stupid garbage truck!
Cant they pick up Garbage in complete silence?!

some people have it, and other people dont.


I woke up in a state of melancholy this morning. Had a terrible "nightmare" as you would call it. Dreamed something really unpleasant and i never want to go through that again. I'm not gonna reveal what i dreamed off because it'll just make you think i'm this insecure bitch trying to hold on to something when there's no bar to be holding on in the first place. Bottom line is, if you start your morning really bad assures that the rest of your day isn't going to go well. Im hoping otherwise.

Hopefully i'll head to the gym with melody later to get some good workout and that'll probably relieve some stressful thoughts.

Oh i met an old friend yesterday at klcc! Was a surprising incident really! Maybe i'll drag mel to go see her today!

some people have it, and other people dont.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm missing that moment where we sat outside of the cineleisure on a warm evening. It looked as if we were just your average ordinary kids hanging out at orchard road with nothing else to do but smoke and make senseless jokes with a little bit of camwhoring, wait.. i mean a lot of camwhoring. But for a fact that it was actually our last day in singapore and we were actually savoring every moment in time before we leave to the land of un-coolness. they say a picture says a thousand words, what about feelings. i wonder how much words can possibly add up to that because im feeling really sad and i miss my cousins. I wish that we could see each other every weekend like the last time when we were young. It was only yesteryear where Yamakasi had a huge impact in our daily lives. Where Linkin Park was the tune to listen to every second. Where Pokemon was the game to play in the night when we were bored. Where New York was the future home and dream.

It's all so surreal sometimes when you think about your past. There comes happy and there goes sad. But all gone through together hand by hand.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

we barely have time for ourself anymore so this might be our last blog on shows for a while. we just got back from singapore from the ffaf show(which hands down was the best show we ever attended in our lives). i did great. so did bubu. everything that happened last saturday was perfect and beyond. we were at the venue early and sorta made friends with the management/show promoters & stuff. okay.. now its time for me to try honesty. well i forgot to bring the concert tix to the venue. and that is unforgivable. weak. -_-

just for the f of it

omg who died??

the venue. srry. my brother makes me smile like a douche.

bubu and gadis.

w/ gareth davies outside the venue. his infamous quote "smokin's bad ferr ya"

again, smokin's badd ferr yaa. the welsh peace sign.

post soundcheck w/ matt davies.

we were pretty early at the venue so the management got us in way earlier before the gates opened. and thats guaranteed front row.


a mormon missionary lookalike.
they played juneau, all the rage, she drove me to daytime tv really early. it was sick though.

gareth giving a deep thought.

decent shot of kris picking his nose onstage.

without zoom. i felt darran's sweat during the entire set.

its hard to get drummer mugshots. but ryan was awesome onstage.

you dont need wind to give your hair that bouncy model look.

into oblivion (reunion).

they played roses for the dead before they left for the encore. i cried during the entire song.
matt held my hand. (bubu sang). the unbelievable happened during escape artists never die. matt handed me the mic before the song finished. "please someone help me, i'm dying here in front of you".. god i miss them already.

oh and this is my fav sequence of the pix.

matt diving to the pit.

the pit raising him up.

me raising him up.. god that was so awesome.

wax on/wax off. we have found a new religion, it's called daviesism.

welll like all great shows. this one ended too. the management was nice enough to let us backstage after the show. and when i mean us, just the three of us at the side stage after the show.. the kids were looking at us like vips.. although we weren't the only ones who came early.. well it just feels great to be recognized.

an incredibly crappy looking me & darran backstage.

bubu & matt(we will never be the same)

matt was soo going for me two week old beard. kidding. man.. thats matt davies and me. how lucky can i get.

a thumb up for me giving that sexy pout.

yupp thats the same emoscreamo ryan alright.

well, matt davies is behind us.

oh you have nice hair.


the tech dude gave me the setlist. i'll take it to my grave.

picks galore.

copy of tales signed. i grabbed the cd from the local dj's hand when they were giving it out onstage.

kris saying thanx in my casually dressed booklet. i actually got ten thousand other stuff signed but i cant really be taking pix of everything.

best show of our lives... so long. good night.

thank you:

Gadis, for lending us your awesome camera. without it i mean you.. all this pix would be impossible. me love you.

Megah & Alexis, without the both of you it would be merely impossible for us to even enter the show because yes Thanesh had to forget the tickets at home.
me love you both.


some people have it, and other people dont.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And today i finally got to meet and have a decent hang out session with Melody! although the weirdest part was that we hung out at the Giant Supermarket lmao. Was joined later by Fai and Thanesh. Was an afternoon of updates and a little gossip. Oh how i miss old times. yes old times where we would just hang out at the field across my place and talk, lay and sleep till like 6am. Also those times where we would sit around at the mamak restaurant and shift to the next mamak hence the mamak backpackers.

Sadly today, everyone is really busy with their own things. Even i, myself have been really busy. Cant blame anyone of us.. life just goes on. Im stil glad that all of us keep close contact whether by net or by phone. Sometimes you just need your friends to have your back at times. Family is different, we were already chosen to our families by Him. Friends on the other hand were made by us. Chosen i would say, friends who would have the same thing in common or someone who you would really have a good time talking to. Keep your friends. They are very important. Boyfriends too

ON THE OTHER HAND i just finished packing up all my things for Singapore tomorrow! Wee. Funeral For A Friend this Saturday! And i wont miss a chance for another barricade stomp. Pix promised. Mel told me one of her friend Jaja thought that we were actually going for a friend's funeral LMAO. kudos!

Just to get things cleared hehe. An old pic of them though. I know typical Emo hair. Their music though is killer.

We'll be heading down to Changi Airport on Sunday to see them depart that's if we get lucky enough like the last time. This, i hope will probably be the last show for me in 2007, cause yes... these shows drain money like shit! This is why i hate my country.. they dont give us enough good shows! Fuck! Megah said Linkin Park will be holding up a show this Nov/Oct if im not mistaken.. I SO NEED TO GO! SOMEONE PLEASE SPONSOR ME! I've been to their show in KL back in 2003. That was like 4 fucking years agoooo. It was wicked. Im just hoping they would hold up a show here! WHY SINGAPORE WHYYY! They get everything good.

Oh and i thought i should show this to the world.

Thats me and Melody. Back when we were 16.
Just so you know that we were also once innocent kids, in high school that is.


some people have it, and other people dont.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Okay, shit! fakker! fcuk! im supposed to be re-constructing my damn blog but why oh why do i always have this lazy mood. So yeah, im not gonna do it today.

Today was a calming day for me. Me and bf had a nice date. The both of us were supposed to head down to Pudu Raya to get bus tix for the singapore trip on Thursday but i told Thanesh that i wasnt really feeling like having a rushing and hectic day so i decided for the both of us to go on a nice date with the typical watching a movie scene. So we headed down to KLCC since it's the nearest that you can take a train to. We started our date off by having a nice lunch which included my Chicken Teppanyaki Bento set (fave) and Thanesh had his Mie Papan. It was just a mode of good conversation and a delicious meal. We bought our movie tix for 3.30pm and it was for Rush Hour 3! The both of us practically laughed at Chris Tucker for being the funny ass that he is and holding hands in the cold cinema.

After our date we met Fai and Lex, they had just finished work and we headed to BRJ (one of the happening mamak restaurants you can find in Wangsa Maju). Sat down and chit chatted away while Ho joined us later after. What a night i tell you. Laughing hard at jokes after having your dinner is just not good for the tummy. The night ended really well although recently i've been having mishaps with my cigarettes. Example, two days ago Thanesh bought for me a pack of 20's and i ended up losing it in my own room. Sigh. I thought i had lost it completely making me buy another pack of 14's this time and i had to leave it with Ho. Another Sigh. After finding my pack of 20's back in the room i left it at a bus stop earlier today! And that had to made me buy another pack of 14's. Dammit. I think that's a sign.

Oh in other news. I've officially moved out of my apartment in Bukit Jalil of which i was sharing with Melody, Azfar, Thanesh and my sister. But yeah after nearly 5 months we have called it quits. I mean it's not like i dont want to have my own apartment, i do. But the circumstances wasnt allowing us to continue. Thanesh will be taking another room for the both of us soon. I hope it's nearer.


some people have it, and other people dont.

Monday, September 03, 2007

one of the raddest conversation i've ever had in my life.

Ho says: I've already planned my life ahead. Im working and saving money so in the next two years i can buy a new car!

Alicia says: But you already own a car, why would you want another car. Besides you can always buy something else.

Ho says: I'm already getting a house. I see myself when im 80 years old as a HALF MILLIONAIRE.

Alicia says: Half millionaire?? thats like 500,000 ringgit! why would you want only half?!

Thanesh says: Go work in Singapore la! when you work your way to half a million you'll already be a Millionaire in Malaysia!

Ho says: Oh yeah ah! the currency is double!!


so yeah, never in my life i've heard that someone would like to be a half millionaire.
Ho says by the time she gets married and settle down, i'd already have kids. That makes me wonder.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I hate Peas. Random. I'm the girl who eats her nasi goreng and plots all the peas in one corner hoping someone would kill them. Yes, KILL them. I seriously dont get peas. I mean it's the size of a marbel only wayyy smaller.. plus it's all green and yucks. Peas STAY AWAY FROM ME. How is it healthy eating that small disgusting thing.

On the contrary i'm more of a corn person. I love corn. Yes, especially if it's barbequed. The burned taste with that overwhelming sweetness. MMMMMM. They should serve more corn. When i was at Surabaya a last year they had this food stall serving only CORN. Not just your ordinary corn. You can even have it sprinkled with cheese and such. Now that's what i call healthy.

RAHHH i didnt go to work today. Was feeling tired and lazy. Thanesh however did go and i miss him already. Thank God i have my housekeeper. She's such a spaz lol. But she keeps me company and i thank her for that. In keeping me company i mean she's sharing all her Ghost experience DAMN. oh well i love you KAK TRI!

some people have it, and other people dont.