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but that night the Jagermeister had my sleeves rolled up

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Monday, May 01, 2006

i am officially the most boring-est person you can ever be with.
i practically spent my whole entire week at home doing nothing but sleep and watch tv.
well partly it's because i couldnt walk, but thats not the point.
my feet has been fine for a couple of days now but im still stuck at home doing nothing but blog.
it's labour day and it sucks.period.
im about to pleasure myself by watching some indonesian films.
i have three to choose from.
- mengejar matahari
-catatan akhir sekolah
hopefully one of these movies can gimme a good time.
mengejar matahari would be about a tale of this bunch of friends who grew up together and fall apart as they get older because of a girl. yeah one of those typical yet touching story.
well one of them dies anyway.
catatan akhir sekolah is a fun movie, duhh cause marcel chadrawinata is in it!
also about a bunch of good friends in high school trying to make a documentary about their school so they can leave as heroic seniors.
a few ups and downs in the movie too.
of course girls would be involved.
the ending gets better anyways.
alexandria, now thats kind of a romantic flick. marcel is in it too!
about two bestfriends boy and girl.
boy falls for girl. boy and girl grows up together.
boy moves to london. comes back to find girl is with boys really good friend. get me?
a real controversy.
but the ending isnt how i expected it to be.
hopefully one of these movies can help me get through the day.

some people have it, and other people dont.