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Friday, August 31, 2007

OH happy independence day to whoever. As i have once said im not patriotic. I dont love Malaysia and will never tend to, unless they give me a million bucks i might change my mind.

Everyone was out celebrating Merdeka till they made a huge fucking jam on the highway aihh. but nevertheless...i went out on merdeka eve, not to celebrate it mind you. Just going out for a good night since i've had a shitty day. We ended up at Mojo at Heritage. Praveen (Dhanya's bf) opened up a bottle so we got good seats in the house. Mojo's was mad packed. luckily i got the chance to brush up my dance moves. God i love dancing.

I was really tired and plus i had to work in the morning cause Fai lacked of workers on Merdeka. It was really surprising cause i met Suresh! and ex workmate from V source. Chatted for a while with him the headed back home taking a goddamn cab cause Dhanya had an arguement with Praveen. It was a good night out minus the crowd and the heavy smoke in the club that teared my eyes. :D

Okay, this is hilarious. at Mojo's on the way to the Ladies there's a picture frame that will kick your nuts till it explodes!

hah! yes TOILETCAM! beware when you take a piss. someone is watching over you.


I'm not going to post up a lot of pictures cause this is not a photo blog. I only post the amusing ones. Oh and im sorry, i really am if i havent been updating my blog. Just because im not going to type down whats going on in my everyday life, Everday. I prefer it to be more private.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Malaysia's independence day is coming this 31st August. mhm just another excuse for them to make a concert and celebrate. celebrate for what you ask? for the warriors who fought just. Not for the people today. Why celebrate pricks in this generation? it's another excuse for them to drink and celebrate their idiocy. BANGSA BERJAYA.. as in the malays right? cause bangsa means race, so it's definitely gotta be pointed out to them. GO YOU! i think it should be RAKYAT BERJAYA. just to correct your malay. ahh enough of political talk. i hate it. Hari Merdeka is my least favorite day. Period.

I think skinny jeans are getting in trend. Too bad i aint skinny. Everyone's gonna look like Robin Hood soon lol.

A week more and i'll be off to Singapore, again. This time.. it's for Funeral For A Friend. It's gonna be an awesome show. Cant wait!

some people have it, and other people dont.

Monday, August 13, 2007

YES, i just got back from singapore yesterday. after a whole long week there.. i was exhausted.
i had the fucking time of my life. not only that i went to singfest to catch the most amazing band ever, i fucking met them! yes i met Avenged Sevenfold! i even got to hang out with the one and only Zacky Vengeance. If anyone out there do not know A7X, i really recommend you to get a life. period.


the first 2 hours at the airport waiting for them was hell. not only was i sleepy, i was feeling like this was all gonna be a waste. waiting for flights from jakarta and everything. i mean like what if we waited that long and they dont even show up. one word. DEVASTATED. but fuck! after just 3 hours we were waiting at he glass panel at the arrival hall where you can see fucking clearly who's coming out, vinnie spotted someone who looked like The Rev. and fuck yes it was him! the four of us (thanesh, me, alexis & vinnie) started shaking like mad. nervous as hell i saw Zacky V. this was a fucking dream come true. waiting 3 minutes ALL of them finally came out and thanesh approached them first. i hugged m. shadows and my stupid tears couldn't hold it in. i had to cry. hugging matt with his awesome body my face was pressed againts his arm pits, couldnt help but smell! and it was the most amazing smell ever. i know.. im such a freak. after a picture with him i headed for Synyster Gates, oh how he was such a rockstar with his shades and everything. leaving him aside my longtime dream came true as i spotted my beloved Zacky V. fuck my tears was so obvious that i couldnt hide it anymore from him. he was overwhelmed. i was excited. took the most amazing picture with him as his head leaned towards mine, his hands pressing my shoulders. i felt as if i was a queen in his arms.

after all the picture taking, surprisingly we were the only fans there (TSKTSK TO SINGAPOREANS) we walked them out to their van. i was walking behind zacky,

literally walking behind him

again too shy to approach him although after everthing. he actually stopped and turned back to fucking talk to me, ME. the first question he asked was "so where are you from?"
my heart just froze up answering him while stuttering. having a decent conversations with him i introduced him to alexis and told him to kickfuckingass at the show, his reply "i'll definitely will"
my conversation with him made me miss taking a pic with The Rev but heck it was all worth it.
seeing him leave in the van he gave us a metal sign with his hand at the window :D.

m. shadows.

synyster gates.

my one and only zacky vengeance.

johnny christ.

that has to be jaw dropping.

although the show was a bittersweet experience, and what i mean by bittersweet.. singfest starts at 1pm till 11pm yes with the amount of bands playing they have to have that much time.

set of bands that played:

1.Great Spy Experiment
2.One Buck Short (Malaysia Boleh!)
3.Crowned King
4.Cobra Starship
5.The Academy Is..
6.Gym Class Heroes
7.Avenged Sevenfold
9.The Noisettes

yes 10 fucking band played although i didnt stay for Hinder, why? you ask. EXACTLY.
through the six bands that played we were tough at the barricade, yes because we were at fort canning at 4am. of course we would get front row, it's all about the front row experience.

the stage set.

sitting down having a cigarette while waiting for the first band to start performing.

although the fucking barricade broke even before avenged started playing, i managed to stick around from the side and witnessed the whole set which was mind blowing.

here's something to die for waiting.




gabe doing his decaydance.

ryland loved my maiden shirt. hence, his favorite band.

anal anyone lmao! kidding.

what happens when they played bring it(snakes on a plane) and all of them who contributed to that song itself was on the same tour!

travis of gym class at that time havent arrived, so alex bassist for the academy is.. took his place and did it hands down perfect. and william of the academy is.. also sang his part.




the fucking barricade broke before they even played but i still got a good view and watched them played from start to the end.


and so these are the bands that are worthy to be posted up. the aftermath was sick, with sore feet and bruises. all worth it.
if i had to give up everything to go through that day again, i would. period.

some people have it, and other people dont.