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Sunday, April 30, 2006

i apologise for my missing in action.have been fooling around with Dhanya for the past week and a few more to come.its been awesome.
i'm actually feeling so LOST these couple of days that i even lost track of the day.
my feet has been killing me this past week, wasnt as easy as it seems.
i had to skip a couple of classes which is BAD cause there are probably tons of assignments which i dont know of.
i know i should be really concerntrating hard on my university and everything, but for some reason its really getting to me.
right now i even feel i enrolled in the wrong course.
i really wanna pursue in advertising, it has been a dream of mine.
but yeah it too bloody expensive. the course itself cost about 30,000 smackers while the one im taking now is like 13+, wayyy cheaper.
dont really wanna talk about studies right now.
work even sucks.i've been with starbucks for about 2 months now, the pay sucks balls.
could you imagine that my first month's pay was actually 250 bucks. i know WTF is that right.
it could be my fault too, im not that keen on working as you can see.
roger was right..i must be more productive.
or else its a dead end for me.
i really wanna talk to GADIS.
probably she could offer me some great advice.
i know like, what the hell do i need advice for? and plus from someone who is younger than me.
yeah lotsa people might think that but me and Gadis go wayy back.
heck she's probably experienced more to life than i have.
it's tough you know leading Gadis's life.
i mean the pressure in schools at singapore are way more depressing than malaysia.
i find malaysia's education to be soo laid back, thats why there are not much of smart people here.
i have to do some picking up with my life.the bits and pieces.
everything counts.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Okay so i admit that i'm not much of a blogger.
duhh, i think my last post was like months ago..
I guess i only blog when i'm in the mood or so.

But on the other hands, yeah registering for unitar was not an easy task. It took me like a week before i was even registered.
Plus i'm broke, a dry pocket doesnt actually bring you anywhere especially when you need the benjamins to at least pay for the transportation and everything.
Sometimes i wish Malaysia would just be as advance as Singapore is. Like c'mon that small Island doing better than this hugee Country.
You have definitely got to be kidding me.
Enough of praising Singapore or Gadis's face will explode gaga.

I'm supposed to meet Gwen today but yeah the bloody fucking unitar rescheduled my classes so i gotta go in like 15 minutes.
Was so excited to meet her. I guess this weekend will do. HOPEFULLY.

I owe her two ice-creams now.

some people have it, and other people dont.