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Monday, October 29, 2007

This past two weeks has been hella awesome. I got a chance to meet up with me old mates since primary school and all of us have been inseparable ever since. I have been nocturnal the entire time where im awake hanging out with them from 12am to 5am and sleep at 6am waking up at 5pm. A very bad habit mind you. The hangout sessions are taking up so much of my sleep time but hell, i dont care.

Finally, we went for drinking at a place near genting klang which was a bust because they played the music louder than the people. We could barely talk with all the chinese music blasting in our ears. They even played the Chinese version for one of the cranberries song which i cant recall the title. sick. But the beer was good and cheap, although we missed the happy hour.

Anywhoo, let me take some time to introduce you to my old pals.

First up we have Mr Prashant Rao, who when he speaks is like he's using a mic and its louder than singfest. Next up we have the most adorable Mr Liau Jian Chin, the coolest chinese but doesnt actually act like one who is cute and always smiling. Last but not least we have non other than Mr Abel Mark Stevenson who's dick is always itching for girls HAHA kidding. Of course not forgetting Dhanya and Melody (which is i always see and they actually keep contact with me.)

They are the best but of course i will not forgive them for always calling us like six months once. This two weeks have been the most hangout comparing two years. Funny. Car rides all the way to Genting and Port Dickson with them will always be memorable. Although they will be driving at the speed of 200km/h, seriously. No joke.

IN OTHER NEWS, i just changed my hair color muahaha. The mother will be back soon from Bali, wouldn't want her to be disappointed with my hair so i dyed it a darker color. I bought this dye which was supposed to be GLOWING RED. But the aftermath was PURPLE! Gosh, but it looks pretty cool to me, tell me what you think.

I just took this pic like a few mins ago. Not all so clear but you get the idea of how it looks like now. I was going for the Hayley look in the crushcrushcrush video, but too bad it didnt turn out red as it said it would be. But hell it looks awesome purple!
Will take a better pic soon.

Im really tired now. Guess i should head to bed in awhile. I think Melody will be coming over for breakfast, i guess before i leave i'll post up some pix from tonight.

drink and be merry pls. Oh and that's the infamous Abel in pink and Liau smiling widely.

where's prashant you ask.

There you go. He doesnt like taking pictures so this was the best shot i got of him without him knowing lol.

Surprisingly Prashant and my Thanesh have become the best of friends.

Funny that the both of them were pointing in different directions.

Darling has a batcave in his nostril. I, for one need some eyebag serum.

I'll call it a night.


some people have it, and other people dont.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


some people have it, and other people dont.