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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Im so proud of myself today!

you know why???

you wanna know why???

i'll tell you why...

My darn maid decided to cook tak sedap today. Was pissed off. She cooked bloody IKAN KELI. It was disgusting i tell ya, even if i wanted to eat i couldnt because apparently ikan keli is the major fish that causes ghout, so i didnt want to suffer okay.
As usual if she does these kinds of shit i'll usually just eat out, BUT NOT TODAY!
i friggin cooked HAHAHAHA. So damn the rajin dont you think?
HAHAHA didnt cook much but i managed to cook thanesh and myself a burger. I told thanesh to go get some bread from the nearest kedai runcit while i whip something up on the stove.

In the end, i managed to cut some lettuce, tomatoes, onions and voila!
LMAO it turned out damn sedap! i can even open up a ramly burger stall now.

Im so proud of myself i should make myself my own award. I'll put the trophy in between my toes. Thank you very much for reading this bullcrap.

some people have it, and other people dont.


This post is for melody astrid cross.

I kinda forgot the baby names that i ripped off from you.


some people have it, and other people dont.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I've been drowning myself in laughter for 3 days watching ETID's dvd 'shit happens'

I've devoted myself to become keith buckley for the next week. The funniest dude you'll ever watch is keith. I've found a new love obsession for him. He is AMAZING. Southern rock is just so in HAHAHA. When they were in warped tour he told the fans to like make a circle pit and keep on going in circles till the nachos come flying in and they all make a whirlwind and go up to space, LIKE WHAT THE FUCKKK HHAHAHAHA.


So yeah, im gonna get my nose pierced again on his behalf. hehe. Oh and im gonna get an xray done tomorrow morning. sucks.

some people have it, and other people dont.



So i've decided this season to do DIY xmas cards! YES ILL BE MAKING THEM MYSELF TO MAKE IT MORE SPECIAL. I wont just buy one of the market k, it's just gonna untung the bloody bookstore HAHAHAHA. So yeah, i've gotten all the materials.

The base of the card will be a black cardboard kinda thing cause you know, black is like oh sooo coooll! hahaha. Plus i've got like two colored papers which is red and green cause like DUHHH thats the xmas colors! muahahah. So yeah, it's not gonna be like the killer coolest shit ever but hey at least im taking some time to actually make some for friends. TAPIII ADE LA BABI PUNYE KAWAN *cough cough melody cough cough* DEGIL GILE NAK BAGI FULL ADDRESS! Anywhooo, i'll get her address if its the last thing i do.

So ANYONE and i mean ANYONE who wants an xmas card sent to your home, be it you muslim or hindu or buddist it doesnt really matter. (IF YOU RECEIVE AN XMAS CARD IT DOESNT MEAN YOU MURTAD OKAYYY) Most prolly it'll be your first xmas card! and you're definitely gonna remember the first person who sent you one, ME! ALICIA CONSTANCE DANKER YES ME! So join the spirit!

Please msg me your full home address be it by friendster or myspace or even email.



some people have it, and other people dont.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fai is bugging me by not telling me where he is. Im like being so nice okayy asking him where he is and stuff. Being Fairul who wants to be smart and all, i asked him

Alicia: Weh ko katne skang? permata ke melawati? bgtau je la. aku sangap dowh. Bgtau la cpt kang aku bagi penampar!


xtkot pn bg la...
bknnye kna pn..
ko kt ne aku kt ne?
ko btol nk tau aku kt ne?
ko jgn bgtau org lain tau..
aku sebenarnnye...
area 56...



some people have it, and other people dont.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's been a while now since i've touched any sort of camera. A few days back was the first after a few months since i touched and actually used my fisheye. It's sad really but i just dont have the time and money. It cost a lot just to process the film. I was thinking of starting my own dark room to process my own film but to do so it also takes a lot of expenditure.
I had this thought last week when i was selling my lappie that i was also gonna sell my fisheye, i know that the worst thought someone could ever have but i really needed to make some money since im so broke. But i don't know something inside of me was saying DONT. That camera is the only thing that makes me happy, so i didn't sell it. Would be a waste too because it just had so many memories. SO THANK GOD KNOWS WHAT I DIDNT SELL IT. Maybe im not cut out for photography but heck, ugly pix makes the best. Im happy with what i take so i hope i can just stop the bullcrap and start reactivating myself to take pix. If anyone out there loves me! you know xmas is coming... so ahemm a holga please? or a horizon kompakt? it'll make me really happy and i swear i'll love you forever and im not just saying that. I WILL.

some people have it, and other people dont.


So my ass still hurts from the fall three weeks back. I'm gonna get an xray this Saturday to find out whats causing the pain because trust me i tried everything from a massage, stretching (yes mel i HAVE been stretching) to medication. Nothing is working. I still suffer from sleeping straight and sitting down straight. I cant even lean my back on a chair this 3 weeks because the weight pressure presses against the pain. GAHHH Melody totally embarrassed me when she wrote and POSTED PIX about my great FALL. It didn't bother me that she posted it up but it just reminded me on that horrific day when it happened. Wish me all the best!

Go read mel's blog to get details on what happened.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I've been so depressed lately i cant figure my life out. God knows why i am but yeah. Too many things to think about and do yet something is stopping me from doing so.
My 3rd year anniversary is coming up. YEAP it's gonna be 3 years for me and Thanesh. Im just so puzzled on what to do or get for him this year. I thought everything would be easy but since the MCR thing clashed with the date im confused as ever. I'll try to figure something out. Thanesh got us the tix for MCR! Im super stoked. Oh and, our flight to Bali is confirmed. I sold my laptop just to get flight tix for Thanesh. Was quite bummed but yeah it's gonna be all worth it. Cant wait for xmas in Bali.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wee, mother is finally back in kl and i missed her much. It's so great that she's back but im back to my old lifestyle with a curfew and getting permission to go out. The best part is she brought back a carton of marlboro's which i grinned when she took it out. I knicked a few box from her and today when she came in my room she saw the box and asked me "YOU TOOK MY MIGARETTEH?" she has this weird habit of calling things in her own words mind you. Example: when i was like 5 she calls me princess because i was the youngest and probably because she loves me more than my sis muahaha, anywho as the years went on she made "princess" to "enchess" and a few years later she just called me "chess" and sometimes "chesschess". I hope it still has the same meaning. Until now she randomly calls me that, but she also paham in front of my friends she calls me Alicia to save me the embarassment lol. What she calls my sister you ask, "FATTY" mean yes but in a lovingly way. Also through the years it's known now as "ATTY". Now she just calls her kakak and me jojo. Its the indonesian thingy to call your oldest child kakak (also practiced in Malaysia) and to call the youngest adik, but my mom told us when i was young my darn sister couldnt pronounce "adik", she just kept saying jojo jojo jojo and from then on my parents has called me jojo. HAHA only family calls me that. Some of my friends know about the jojo name but only a few. So i guess now the whole net will know! dammit haha. Well EVERYONE STILL HAS TO CALL ME ALICIA, LIS, ALICE etc. Okay on other news, my mom said she'll be selling the house soon. Once she has sold the house she's gonna get me and my sister an apartment while she's away in Bali. She gonna be making a living there while sending me and my sister money every month. She cant maintain the house because it's too big and maintanace fee every month is very high. I'm glad she made a wise decision because well yeah, she's barely here. It's only me and my sister in the house with a maid. Getting a smaller place would be much easier for her and us. I think she's a little sad that she's always gone and away from us for such a long period of time and she think me and my sis feels a little neglected, but honestly we dont. We understand very much why she has to be away with my stepdad and we know she loves us very much. Two days ago she indirectly tried to pursuade us to move to Bali with her. She was saying that Bali is such a beautiful place and all and its nice to live there but then she said that it's like a kampung there and me and my sis are like city girls haha. We wouldnt last a month living there like that. Times like these i really savor all the moments i have with her. I regret the last time when i felt that parents just made our lives a living hell. They dont people! they just do whats best for you and in time i guess you'll understand all of that. LOVE YOUR MOTHERS! You need their guidance through life! Yes they give you a hard time now, but know it'll all good intentions. I love my mother, she's everything to me. I'm gonna live life to make her happy. I want to give back to her everything she has given me. In time.. she will no longer have to suffer to make ends meet. Im gonna get a good job and send her on vacation around the world. Give her a house and car. Give her cute grandkids and have a cup of coffee while talking about the past and laughing at some silly mistakes i did in the past. Cheers.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My ass has been hurting like fuck this two days, i cant sit properly and when i sleep it has to be sideways. Here's the lowdown on why my ass has been hell. Two days ago Mel and Azfar ajak us to go to Titiwangsa. Just for random walks and laughs and also taking pix with the eye on Malaysia shit which looks so damn small up close. Disappointedly as i was on how small it looks like we were just walking around the whole Titiwangsa and we saw some cool playgrounds there. Childish as i am, i ran for the "cool looking" slide. The whole slide was made out of concrete and it was steep as hell. Being the stupid girl that i am i slided down without control, as i was going fast i lost control of the speed that i was sliding down and BOOM i landed, not on my feet. I landed proudly on my ass. The moment that happened i saw my whole life flashing right before me, i couldn't move i a bit. Scared that i would be paralyzed, the bongok Alexis and Mel was laughing their ass off. I shouted in agony with the pain going through my brain. My whole ass was numb as hell. Can you just imagine landing on pure concrete on the bone at the middle of your ass (sorry i don't know whats the bone called). So thats the whole lowdown on it. I cant sit properly and get up from the chair without feeling that pulling pain on my ass. I cant even bend down to grab something cause it'll hurt like hell. Mel told me to do some stretching so that the muscle wont be stiff, she even showed me how to do some stretching. Being the lazy person that i am i ignored her advice and now i suffer the consequences. I hope it heals soon.

On the brighter side my mother will be back from bali soon! i don't know exactly when because she refuses to tell us. She's so funny lar, my sis texted her asking her when she will be arriving because as we know its supposed to be tomorrow. She replied "IT'S A SURPRISE".
I was like WTF? if you didn't know i don't like surprises. It's better if you tell me and i'll just pretend like i didn't know heee. Oh well. I still have a feeling she'll be back tomorrow. YIPEE.

Oh My Chemical Romance will be performing in KL on the 9th of dec. I cant fucking wait!!!
I KNOWWW, i said that FFAF would be the last show for 07, but hell i cant resist. I take it all back. The price for the show is blood sucking okay. RM323 just for front row. Damn cheebye!
But i guess it's gonna be worth every penny. It's MCR la weh. I dont want to be one of those mainstream bimbos but yeah im there for the music. This is just the icing on the cake man.
Gadis wants me to go for the Singapore show but i'll try my best. LOVE YOU DISS.

some people have it, and other people dont.