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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dammit, here i am once again.. this day could be like the saddest for me.
MHM. Thanesh is probably on his way back to j.b and i'm already missing him! Cant blame him.. he's already been here in kl for two months, he must miss his family dearly. UGHH, a week of despair without him here.

We had a quarrel yesterday night over some things that should not be mentioned here *aheemm* and it was so saddening. I hate it when we fight, well actually the one mostly fighting was me. That's one thing about him, he never fails to console me and being the comforting boyf that he is, but sometimes i wished he knew what he did wrong instead of me being mad and him having to ask me what he did. I just feel angry when it has to be like this. Maybe it's my fault, i shouldnt overreact over small things like this.. I'm trying my best for this relationship.
But i realise how this makes us stronger, everytime after an arguement.. it'll just end up to small kisses that puts a smile on my face. I never fail to love him everyday of my life, i want to spend my breathing moments with him till we get married and have kids of our own. :D:D
i miss you dearly.<3

Aside that, i just read Gwen's blog which was so heartbreaking. It was her birthday Goddammit, i feel bad for not being there for her..if only we didnt have to live so far apart. Then at least i could walk up right to her house and cheer her up. If only.

The house is getting quiet, my mom hasnt been home for about three days and when she finally came home this morning... she was gonna go out again waking me up in the morning asking to send her to the taxi stand. She told me she was going out with a friend and that she'll be home late. Sighh, i knoww i should let my mother have a little fun once in a while.
I just realised it's the rainy season, yeah, has been raining every evening. I used to love the rain but now it's just a pain in the ass.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Realising that i only blog like once every few months, i officially state that i am no blogger.
Yes, it's tough writing your thoughts down when you dont even feel it's like worth it.
Hopefully some people might just read or pretend to care. Let's start with this, after months of planning and delay i finally met Gwen! yes, the Dinda i never had. Was hella fun since we were in a big mall. It was a day of non-stop gossip'ing you can say. Never actually had a real friend like that, and ++ i met her online dammit, how awesome is that. Of course we cam whore'd the whole way with a few good pics but i'll post them up later or something.

On the other hand, starting from next week, classes are gonna be hella busy. I'm so afraid i wont even have time for my friends anymore.. but hopefully all is good.. it is for the best.
At least i dont have to bum around anymore. I wanna do something with my life instead of just lepaking which never does any good.

okay i'm lazy now.

some people have it, and other people dont.