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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wah im so damn happy lah. Met Gwen after a loonnggg time! miss her so damn much lah! and she looks so different now lah!! got new haircut some more so pretty! aihhh. it was nice talking to her and i met her childhood friend Ling also. So nice lah the both of them. HEHE. Gwen is the first myspace friend i had whom which im close with like a bitch and a male hound dog HAHAHAHA. DONT MAKE SENSE I KNOWWW. I LOVE YOU DINDA. ASK LING TO MAKE ME A NICE NECKLACE OKAYYYY. hehe.

anywhooo, here i am in klcc now ALONE. my friends ar sometimes useless. today is my only off day and they taking so long to meet me. say want to watch movie la this la that la and now fai said he wants to go petaling street to look for a bag. dammit, i'll be stuck here for hours alone! but nvm nvm i got my iced green tea latte and im enjoying every second of it! new favorite drink. i could've asked for my employee discount but i thought twice. didnt want any of the barista's to be asking too much question about work cause its my offday! and i want no relations to work whatsoever although i am sitting down in starbucks having a drink hahaha. THE BARISTA DAMN THE FUNNY LA! i ordered my drink then she was trying to initiate conversation with me but you know what she asked me! EH NICE TATTOO, REAL KA??

WTFFFFFFFFFF! takde la sticker je! walao weh. what a way to start topic. i laughed and said yes lah!! i dont know if she was acting stupid or memang stupid hahaha!

OH YEAH BTW i started working in starbucks again. so pls visit me in Great Eastern Mall. i've got loads to bitch about work but i wont do it in this entry.

this is me and dinda like friggin two years back i think. damn. we look like twins. we need a new pic!!


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