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Monday, September 11, 2006

Since the age of 15 i've been dying to get myself inked or in other words "tattooed". It has been a life goal of mine, but sighh it's been 3 years and still no ink. It's not that i'm afraid or anything, heck i want pain. But yes i'm not them rich kids. Getting a tatt done here in kl would cost a fortune. I regret not getting myself a tatt when i was in Bali. Other than that i'm not too sure on the design i want. C'mon this is gonna be the body art that you're gonna take to your grave. I dont want a design that i might regret later on and the art has to be special and meaningful. If not? why get one in the first place. I've had a few ideas in mind but still, i'm thinking 10 years ahead.. will i still adore this tatt that i once chose? it's tough.

Other than fucking tattoos, i'm still working on my piercings. I NEED MORE. so far my side lip is getting kinda old and boring, so as my labret. I need another side done, and i want it exactly like Sonny Moore's.
After that's done i'm gonna work on getting a monroe or at least a medusa done. But i'd still prefer a monroe. Sad but i only have my left lobe gauged, so next plan is also to get my right lobe gauged so it'll at least look even. Reason why i didnt get the right one done was because out of all the piercings gauging hurt the most. C'mon i was having headaches for the whole night. Well It's been more than a year so i think i can handle another lobe.
NEXT would be my darn septum! i've been dying for this one since i had done my tounge a couple years back, was gonna get it but i thought i would get my lips done first. Thinking about the septum, it's either a monroe or a septum cause i dont want my face to be too messed up with metals. So both of them are still under consideration. CHOICES CHOICES.


some people have it, and other people dont.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Heart is out! i've been dying to watch that movie when i was in surabaya, but couldnt make it cause most of my cousins there had already seen it so it would definitely be a waste for them. Plus there wasnt much time since we had just gotten back from bali.
Aside that it's out already! here in malaysia! i feel like hugging malaysia now. Seriously the whole plot of the story is beautiful, as rinne had told us the whole story.. but i want to watch it with my own eyes rather than someone else telling you the story.

Talking about heart, Dinie is obsessed with the song. Well who can blame him, i'm obsessed myself. Everyone out there should try hearing the song! watch the vid on youtube and search for it. The song was sung by Irwansyah & Acha. Magnificent actors and singers.
Okay, back to the point.. Me, Alexis, Jan & Dinie was singing the song on repeat the whole time.. it has become a virus now. Not only that after singing Heart, we turned up the volume to sing 'memories' by eisley (another beautiful one). Jan and I practically memorised the whole thing and he would do the high pitching. Yeah, our band is weird. We might look all hardcore and stuff but we do actually sing ballads and some indie songs, whats even weirder is our band name BAZOOKA PEPEK! YES you may laugh now. All created by fai. We were browsing through some profiles on myspace and saw this dude with a display name of "SHOTGUN&PUPPET", smartass fai turned that name around and voila! we have BAZOOKA PEPEK. All hail BP.

Other than that, Dhanya was down today and Gajen had brought his car along so all of us decided on a roadtrip! walao, we went to Mini Genting and had fun there although it was already 2am. Sitting down at the malay shop having super ring&cheezels stuffed with ramly burgers and can drinks. On a contrary to that we had disgusted outselves with phone porn. And this time it was a different kind of porn, there was this mofo with a fucking huge dick! the size of your whole arm. UNBELIEVABLE, but t'was true. Making jokes that he cant even wear shorts going out and what if he does go out and he has a hardon. LIFE IS TOUGH WHEN YOU HAVE A HUGE AND LONG PENIS. Dammit he couldnt even fully insert his manhood into the VAGINA, only half la weh! Okay enough dirty talk. period.

Teasing Gajen that he was a bapok by night we actually named him Gina, originated from Vagina. HAHA, earlier we had a stroll around LORONG HAJI TAIB where you can find all the bapoks you want. FUCKING SKIMPY DRESSES, HUGE boobs, clear skin and a manhood.
What more can you ask for? LMFAO!

One thing i have learnt from today,


some people have it, and other people dont.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Today could be the most saddest day ever. Vivian broke up with Jan, could there be a better way to solve these matters other than breaking hearts that weren't meant to be broken. I pity Jan in this one. He doesnt deserve to be treated like this, somehow i totally feel his pain and i could've just punched the wall after hearing all that was going on. I dont want to be the kecoh kecoh one in this matter but what was i to do? let my friend get hurt just like that? i just dont understand some people, for no good reason you call for a breakup? it was total bullshit.

Keep a calm mind Alicia. I have to keep telling myself that from now on, i mean Vivian is still my friend and i do love her dearly. The whole night was just painted in sadness, nothing beats by losing your loved one. Well i have felt it before but it wasnt a love partner. I lost my dad 5 years ago and my grandfather a year ago, it wasnt easy at all.

In this case i had an epiphany that your girlf and boyf may come and go, but friends stay. They'll always be there for you no matter what. I'll never ever leave my friends, they're Diamonds to me.. too precious. Although i have this special Diamond that shines differently than the others, Thanesh of course. He keeps me sane, thank God.
During this whole month, i think i have gotten wiser in many ways. I have Alexis to thank for that.. she's like the realist among all, her advices are strong and i'll always keep that in mind.
Do not ever go looking for that special someone, without even searching and by waiting patiently he/she will come by him/herself. It is in so many ways true..

I'll just pray tonight that God will protect Jan and show him the right path, help him find peace and tranquility. He really needs it. Be there for him in times of need and keep him away from harm. I pray this to all of my precious friends, and not forgetting my family. Amen.

some people have it, and other people dont.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just finished watching ANTM, was quite satisfied with the photoshoots. Shocking that it wasnt an elimination round. Dammit, they'll all be heading toward London in the next episode. I was just wondering if London was somewhere fashion was a huge thing. At least if they headed off to Japan, i would understand. Oh well, till then.. although i already know who's gonna win. Malaysia's tele sucks.. so lambat one. I bet everyone in the whole world is already watching the next season and we're still stuck with the old one.

Okay, so nothing special happened today as i didnt go to class because i woke up darn late.
I fell fakking guilty for missing another class. It's okay.. i'll explain everything to the lecturer once i get the chance.. that's why i'm trying to type out real fast so i can head off to bed soon!
Jan came by as usual again today, after an hour of playing Adventure Quest, headed off to the television to catch Oprah Winfrey. Didnt realise i was so tired that i slept not even half of the show. Woke up with fai ringing in my ear asking me to wake up! And you know how much i hate people disturbing me in my sleep. Annoys the shit out of me. Waking up to watching Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih was nice but i hate it when the action part comes in and they put it on slow mo.

Alexis came back with her usual story telling of how work went, this time it was quite funny since she got transfered to Bangsar. She's got fags working with her. They seem nice although i havent met them.

I'll probably edit more later. It's getting really late and i'm off to bed.

grr, i really hope i can make it to S'pore this saturday to catch a few S'pore bands playing some charity gig. Levan will be there so i bet it'll be hella fun.


some people have it, and other people dont.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

wah, it's 3.23 am and i'm so proud of myself.
HA-HA yesss, my layout is finally done and i'm really digging it.
i love ducks, especialy ducks with a sense of humour...geddit? LMAO.
shitt son it took me like 3 hours just to get my ducks?!
what is happening to this world? or the real question should be...what is happening to Alicia?!

All of a sudden, an obsession with ducks? Dinosaurs should have never been extinct. Now i'm gonna cry myself a river.


some people have it, and other people dont.


So jan had his hair dyed striking red yesterday. He came to my place around 10 am so that the both of us could head to Sg. Wang to get his hair colored.. and as one might expect, few things stopped us from leaving soon.

1. Jan had a call from Vivian (his gf lah) or i think maybe they were chatting on msn while i was getting dressed to kil (!). And yes, she said she was gonna come to my place to hang. She came like half and hour later and we headed off to Shareezma (the mamak restaurant which is a 1 minute walk from my place) and had brunch ( breakfast+lunch).

2. Fai called and said he was gonna come to meet us up after school which ended at 1am. Waiting for like almost an hour for fai! he was still at bladdy school! I was pissed! but yeah he came and i couldnt really be mad at him cause yeah, school ma!

After a rather delicious bruch fai decided that he wanted to tag along to Sg. Wang, so we had to waitttt again for him to get dressed at my place with my clothes (yes fai fits my clothes, even my jeans!). Thank heavens we could make a move after that. See what kind of things that delays this, Damn malas right? waiting for the bus was a painful one since the sun was scortching hott. Okay skip the trip to Sg Wang and let's get to business. Vivian had said that there was this saloon at the ground floor which she usually goes to was good (Kimary Saloon). Point taken we were searching for it non-stop, i could have gotten blisters just searching for that bladdy place. On the way there, oif course we looked around for a good and reasonable place, cause jans budget was like 100 RM. The first place that we had a look was at this okok kind of saloon lah. Dyeing would cost him 150RM at least! but thank God the dude said they didnt have the colour we wanted. I was already having doubts cause the customers there was like those old aunties. After a few saloon searching we stopped at this place which-i forgot-the-name, and it was perfect! cause they had a display of the colours we wanted for the hair.

Being in the saloon felt awkward cayse everyone and i mean EVERYONE was staring at this two malay dude and one eurasian girl, but i was like who gives a Fak! They said that his hair would only cost 80RM which is soo perfect since budget you know lah. While waiting for jan like OMFG it took sooo long, two hours the least. Me and Fai got so damn bored we walked our way around there and was acting like such a baffoonnns! Getting burgers and playing FIREBALL lmao!

Results: HAIR WAS SO DAMN FAKKING AWESOME! but the red wasnt as what we expected but still RED! it was like an angel LMAO!
after the whole thing was done i finally got to eat my waffles that i had been dreaming about to eat since god-knows-when! I dont know why though i love it so much, Fai and Jan said they tasted like normal waffels you could get by the train station. Well idontcare! i still got them and they were yummy!

That day ended nicely since i havent hang'd with my friends like that in a long time. I mean dont get me wrong, i hang with my friends practically everyday. But it's been quite sometimes since we had our little lepaking in malls and such. It was a nice day for me.

some people have it, and other people dont.